What are robotic arms?

For years, human arms have been putting the items in factories together. Now, it’s time for new arms, industrial robotic arms, to work in that same respect – except they do it at a faster, more accurate rate.

In terms of robots used in the manufacturing world, the most common one used is the robotic arm. This mechanical arm, usually made up of 4-6 joints, can be used for multiple manufacturing applications, ranging from welding to material handling and material removal.

An industrial robot arm not only moves faster than a regular human arm, but also more accurate and precise. 

The industrial robotic arm is usually made of steel or cast iron and is built from the base up, ending with the wrist and the specific end effector needed to perform the arm’s chosen task. A robot controller then rotates the motors that are attached to each of the arm’s joints.

How can robotic arms help you?

Robotic arms can help you save both money and labor. They can bring down production and test costs, while cutting down on worker error and ensuring the safety of human workers.

Certain larger types of models, that are usually used to lift heavy payloads, are run by hydraulic and pneumatic means. While these robotic arms are used to lift huge items, palletize heavy loads, or weld entire vehicles together, they are also used for little things. A robotic arm’s precision can put together even tiny motherboards or microchips.

However, they need to be integrated properly. There are multiple specifications that need to be achieved correctly, like having the right end of arm tooling, the right guarding, the right software and the right I/O to make a robotic arm achieve its promised efficiency. 

In short you need the right integration, and this is where we come in.

How can SEE solve your robotic arm integration needs?

SEE Engineering offers turn-key integrated solutions based on several types of robotic arms and applications, which could range from laboratory automation to light manufacturing automation. 

These robotic arms cover various ranges of capacities which make them suitable for specific applications. If you have decided on a certain robotic arm and you are looking for an integrator to help you with your project we can also help since most robotic arms use the same basic principles.

For any of your inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.